Why I love the Law and My Legal Spot

I love and have a great interest in the law. I find that it is not always just or fair but it is the “law.” Wikipedia defines the law as “a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior.”

I have seen a lot of law students who on very first entering college who feel that they will be warriors for the innocent and lead the charge to do right. Amazingly a lot of lawyers end up not being able to pass the bar or get enough clients to stay in business. There are a lot of lawyers in business who are barely getting by. Their clients have no idea the quality level of their attorney and go with the option they feel is best. A lot of times it is based on the cost of the attorney.

jon burwell


The Legal Spot is here to help us get a better understanding of how to deal with the legal process and how to go about it. I will provide a lot of different examples and how to’s that anyone can learn from. I am not an attorney and everything I post is only my opinion. Take as you will but do not come after me with your attorney. Feel free to share my posts and get out there my legal thoughts and opinions.


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